view from Khirbet Nisya including hill opposite digsite
Images of dig ancient temple ancient cisterns ancient medallion found at dig stone tower entrance to ancient temple entrance to olive press cave inside olive press cave, photo courtesy M. Luddeni wild  poppies ancient pot, photo courtesy M. Luddeni
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This site is to share with others the research done by Dr. David P. Livingston, Ph.D. We have posted information on archaeology, creation vs evolution, early man, ancient texts, the Flood, Exodus & Conquest.

The materials posted on this site are based on the belief that the Bible is God's Word and is relevant today. As Dr. Livingston encountered numerous attempts by historians, theologians, archaeologists and scientists to discount the validity of the Scriptures, he decided to try to meet these challenges. He began in 1967 by trying to resolve the archaeological problems encountered in the excavations at Jericho and Ai. To that end in 1969 he founded the Associates for Biblical Research (which he directed for 25 years), for the purpose of creating a think-tank for scholars and a resource for laymen.

Dr. Livingston had a Ph.D. in archaeology from Andrews University, an M.A. from Trinity graduate school in Deerfield, IL, an M.Div from Pittsburgh Theological Seminary, and a B.A from Wheaton College. He spent 10 years in Korea with his family from 1956 - 1966, including five years as the president of Kwan Dong College in KangNung, Korea. He initiated excavations at Khirbet Nisya (the"forgotten ruins"), in Israel, in 1979 as a result of his search for the Biblical city of Ai (and its neighbor, Bethel); he directed excavations there for 24 years. He recently published his research in:

Khirbet Nisya:
The Search for Biblical Ai 1979 - 2002
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Dr. Livingston published many of his articles in the newsletters and monthly magazines published by Associates for Biblical Research (hereafter referred to as "ABR") and in several other magazines including Biblical Archaeology Review ("BAR").  He lectured and conducted seminars at colleges and churches in the USA and Europe, and Jewish communities in Israel. Although Dr. Livingston retains copyrights, you may make copies and share if you give proper credit. It is our prayer that this will become a blessing to you as you study God's Word, and that it will help to answer your questions.

Images of dig

shevarim below dig, photo courtesy M. Luddeni mikveh, photo courtesy M. Luddeni ancient stairway heading down to spring olive shute in olive press cave

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