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The Geological Age of the Earth vs. Miracles

by Dr. David Livingston

Copy of a Chart in the American Museum of Natural History*

Copy of a Chart of the Antiquity of Earth from the Museum of Natural History

The above chart illustrates the (supposed) Antiquity of the Earth and how it apparently changed. Between 1868 and 1968 the earth "aged" at the rate of over 40 million years per year!

(Our Response:) The earth did NOT "age." It is only a figment of the imagination! Note that "everyone" prior to 1868 (and the advent of the theory of evolution), thought the earth was YOUNG! Evolution needs tremendously long "ages" for evolution to happen! Therefor, evolutionists had to expand the time available for this evolution.

"The uprooting of such fantastic beliefs of catastrophists, (i.e. Bible believers), began with the Scottish geologist, James Hutton, whose Theory of the Earth, published in 1785, maintained that the present is key to the past and that, given sufficient time, processes now at work could account for all the geologic features of the globe. This philosophy, which came to be known as the doctrine of uniformitarianism, demands an immensity of time. It has now gained universal acceptance among intelligent and informed people." [Carl Dunbar, Historical Geology, 1960, p.18]

Circular Reasoning of Geologists:
Fossils Date Rocks and Rocks Date Fossils

Circular Reasoning Diagram*
In spite of its weaknesses, at least C14 has been calibrated against known dates. "Geological dates" were pulled out of the air by two amateur geologists -- Hutton and Smith!

The Great Immensity of Time Circle*

The graph below demonstrates that evolutionists demand essentially infinite time to make evolution "come true."
The Great Immensity of Time Circle

Dating Principles

The main points to remember are:
Time is created
Time is a human experience
Time begins and ends with God

Creation with the Appearance of Age

Miracles Eliminate Time:
Water turned to wine at Cana
Water one second -- wine the next!
Water to Wine

God does not NEED time!

It may SEEM like it should take a year for water to become wine, but God works miracles and eliminates time!
Wine in  moments instead of a year, thanks to a miracle.

Healings were instantaneous
Wind and waves were calmed immediately
Adam and Eve were created mature -- "grown up"
The trees, earth, animals, etc., were created mature
The entire universe was created mature

God transcends His laws. He may limit Himself -- but He is not limited.


*Taken from the pamphlet titled Geologic Time, by William L. Newman, U.S. Government Printing Office, 1970. Although this is not a recent publication, very little has changed that would affect it.


[This article was originally designed as a lecture using an overhead projector.
You are welcome to download this for your own use if you wish.]

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