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Articles by Dr. David Livingston

Creation vs Evolution

  The Five Pillars of Evolution

  Was Adam a Caveman?

  Prehistoric Man

  The "Days" of the Creation Week

  Evidence Invalidates Geological Column

  The Geological Age of the Earth vs. Miracles

The Great Flood

  A Universal Flood: 3000 BC
    (Updated version presented at NEAS 11.16.2005)
    Audio -- A Universal Flood: 3000 BC

  The Date of Noah's Flood

  The Flood

  The Flood and Subsequent Civilization

Genesis 1 - 11

  Correlating the Texts of Ancient Literature with the Old Testament

  Creation Stories of the Ancient Near East

  Who Were the "Sons of God" in Genesis 6?

  Who Was "Nimrod"?

  Writing: Hebrew Was First and Is the Oldest Language in Continuous Use

  Ur Connecting Babel

Videos: of Khirbet Nisya
(Biblical Ai)

    area believed to have been a temple  
         (courtesy Randy Greene)

    temple/tower/"breakfast area" (1)
         (courtesy Randy Greene)

    temple/tower/"breakfast area" (2)  
         (courtesy Randy Greene)

    Khirbet Nisya Tour -
    or view on YouTube

    olive press, pottery kilns, mikvah,
    explanation of Battle of Ai
    (courtesy Robert Poole, 1993)
    [see bottom of page for comment]**
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The Two Ways

   Religion: An "Opiate of the People"?

Canon and History

  From What Did Moses Compose Genesis?

  Jesus Christ on the Inerrancy of Scripture

  Historical Geography of the Pentateuch


  About the Author: Dr. David Livingston, Ph.D.

  God's Family Plan

Recommended Links

  Associates for Biblical Research

  Flood HQ - articles on the Flood

  Focus on the Bible

  Holy Land Photos

  Lambert Dolphin's Library

  Near East Archaeological Society

  ScienceAndApologetics (articles in Russian)

The Exodus and Conquest

  The Plagues and the Exodus

  Between the Paws of the Sphinx

  Israel's Origins

  Fall of the Moon City--Jericho

  Locating Biblical Bethel Correctly, Part I

  Locating Biblical Bethel Correctly, Part II

  Locating Biblical Ai Correctly (*see note below)

  Battle for Ai

  Wars of Ai  by Prof. Amos Ehrlich

  Benjamin Survey

  The Exodus-Conquest Dating Fiasco

  Redating the Exodus
    by Dr. John Bimson
     and Dr. David Livingston

  Audio: Divine Kingship

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  1. Religion As An Opiate

  2. The Three Romes

  3. Two Opposing Kingdoms

  4. Genesis and Biblical Criticsm/JEDP

  5. The Bible IS a Foundation for Faith

  6. Creation Stories of the Ancient Near East

  7. Ancient Cities vs Jehovah ("YHVH")

  8. God's Family Plan

  9. "Sons of god" and the Flood

  10. God's Sovereignty

Articles in Russian

  Ancient Days,
     the complete website in Russian.
     Free e-version:
     Ancient Days (in Russian)
     Also here:

  www.scienceandapologetics.org --
     Science and Archeology - articles in Russian
      Христианский  Научно-апологетический  Центр

  Biblical Exodus and Conquest Dating Fiasco
     PDF version     Word Doc version

  God's Kingdom Over All
     PDF version     Word Doc version

  The Great Flood: 3000 BC
     ВСЕМИРНЫЙ   ПОТОП:  3000 ЛЕТ  ДО Р.Х.
     PDF version     Word Doc version

   Table of Nations
     Основопологающий Вопрос Библии:
     "Кто Будет Управлять людьми?"   Бытие 3: 4,5

   Who Were the "Sons of God" in Genesis 6?
      Кто такие сыны Божии из шестой главы Бытия?

   The Inerrancy of Scripture
      Авторитет и достоверность Священного Писания словами Иисуса Христа


[*Note: In response to recent questions about Dr. Livingston's stand regarding Khirbet el-Maqatir:

Dr. Livingston's research was published prior to Dr. Bryant Wood's excavations at Khirbet el-Maqatir. Dr. Livingston NEVER endorsed Khirbet el-Maqatier as a possible location for Ai, despite the endorsement it has recently been receiving from Associates for Biblical Research. At the time of doing his research and writing his book, Dr. Livingston reviewed the possibilities of Khirbet el-Maqatir as a candidate for Ai but discounted it along with several other unsuitable locations. Among other reasons for disqualifying Khirbet el-Maqatir, Khirbet el-Maqatir meets NONE of the Biblical geographical descriptions of the surrounding areas as noted in Scripture, as well as none of those for the description of Joshua's Battle of Ai. It is precisely for this same reason - namely, looking to find a location that DOES match Biblical descriptions - that he originally discounted other proposed locations for Ai, and began his own research to find the real Ai. It would, therefore, make no sense for him to endorse yet another proposed location that also does not meet the Biblical geographical descriptions of Ai and its surroundings. It is clearly evident that Khirbet Nisya does line up perfectly with all of the Biblical descriptions; thus he stood committed to his belief that Khirbet Nisya is, indeed, the ancient Biblical city of Ai.]

** A Further Note (12.28.16):   It has come to our attention that there is confusion for some, we are being told, when watching the 1993 video because Dr. Bryant Wood appears in the video and seems to be supporting Khirbet Nisya as Ai. Thus, we feel a need to clarify a few points. Dr. Livingston originally established ABR for the purpose of creating an organization that would be able to continue his research once he was no longer with us, or should his health not permit his own participation. He also wanted to facilitate a platform for others coming along behind him to be able to share their research in the fields of archaeology, geology, creation vs evolution, anthropology, astronomy,etc. In the early days of ABR, there were few Christian archaeologists with PhD's and Dr. Wood was one of them. There were also few positions available for Christian archaeologists to conduct their research, and obtain a salary. Dr. Livingston invited Dr. Wood to join ABR and share in their research, and Dr. Wood accepted. The assumption was they would each have their own projects but support each other and fill in as needed - there were many projects and questions at that time that needed further research. Initially Dr. Wood was very supportive of Dr. Livingston's work and in 1993 was present at Dr. Livingston's "dig" at Khirbet Nisya. Hence he is in the video. Shortly thereafter, Dr. Livingston suffered a setback in his health, and Dr. Wood took over as director. Not long after that, Dr. Wood, instead of coming up with his own research project, used Dr. Livingston's research for Ai as his own platform, and proceeded to investigate a previously discarded option for Ai - namely Khirbet el-Maqatir. He then routed ABR's resources to facilitate digs at this new location, despite the fact that it did not support the original reasons for searching for Ai in the first place [namely that the geogroaphy/topography of the Khirbet el-Maqatir site does NOT support the Bibilcal descriptions of the Bethel-Ai countryside]. It seems counter to the goals of ABR to attempt to locate and substantiate an additional site that DOES NOT support the Biblical descriptions (Dr.Allbright's site also did not, which is why the search for a new option began in the first place)!  Despite the dispute, Dr. Wood has spent many recent years now declaring his site, Khirbet el-Maqatir, as "THE Biblical Ai." Thus, an unfortunate rift has developed within ABR and some of its members. Dr. Livingston never supported the research of Dr. Wood regarding Khirbet el-Maqatir, and in his later years Dr. Livingston also came to question aspects of Dr. Wood's research on Jericho. Dr. Livingston also disputed many of Dr. Wood's claims regarding his findings at Khirbet el-Maqatir (his claim of finding city gate posts being one); Dr. Livingston is backed by a number of other colleagues, including the late Dr. Amos Ehrlich, who all agree Dr. Wood's site, Khirbet el-Maqatir, is most likely the Biblical city of Beit Aven.


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